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July 08, 2014

Comverse to help APAC CSP Transform into a Multi-Play Provider

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Today’s consumers have high expectations: they want a variety of services, personalized attention and competitive pricing. Communication service providers (CSP), hard pressed to get an edge in this demanding market, are expanding into multiple related lines of business. A major APAC communication service provider (CSP) has selected Comverse to power its transformation into a multi-play provider in order to help meet these high standards.

Comverse is expected to help the CSP offer a full suite of communication and entertainment services in an attractive and profitable package, over both wireline and wireless networks under a single infrastructure. The CSP will not only offer a number of services at competitive prices, but create an innovative, personalized multi-play customer experience environment that is in keeping with customers’ digital lifestyle.

In order to launch its new broadband Internet service, the CSP chose Comverse Policy Manager.  The Kenan BSS solution, which will power the CSP’s multi-play services, is tightly integrated with Comverse’ Policy Manager.

"Comverse's Policy and BSS solutions will continue to be key enablers of the CSP's growth, subscriber acquisition and continually expanding rich offering embracing the new digital lifestyle opportunities of today's increasingly connected world," observed Jacques-Herve Maupin, senior vice president, managing director, Asia Pacific, Comverse.

Handling a single business on a telco scale is very difficult; being a multi-play service provider offering multiple lines of business magnifies the challenges. However, Comverse appears to be well equipped to transform the CSP into a multi-player provider.

“Comverse's role in the transformation of this CSP into a multi-play provider is strong validation of the flexibility and strength of our productized, modular solutions, renowned in the industry for powering smart evolution -- with delivery models ranging from on-premise to cloud SaaS," said Mauphin.

Apart from the ability to generate new revenue streams, the CSP will provide single-source convenience for customer care and technical support. It is expected to help customers save on Capex, reduce Opex while increasing ARPU. Moreover, Comverse’s single user-friendly bill for all products and robust self-service provides instant access to usage information and personalized control of service options.

Will customer experience be energized by Comverse’s solutions?  Will the CSP gain a greater competitive edge as it transitions into a multi-play provider? Wait and watch.

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