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July 10, 2014

WebRTC Conference Names Ingate Systems CEO Karl Stahl as WebRTC Innovator

By David Delony Contributing Writer

The organizers of the WebRTC conference and expo have selected Ingate Systems CEO Karl Stahl as a WebRTC innovator.

"Karl was selected for his unique and impactful contributions to SIP- and WebRTC-based real-time communications," said Dave Rodriguez, president, TMC. "He is a true thought-leader in our industry."

The organizers picked the winners based on what they felt were visionary contributions to the growing standard.

WebRTC is a real-time communications standard that works through Web browsers rather than proprietary technologies like Adobe Flash or Skype. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera support it.

While simple browser-to-browser connections already work, for anything more complicated, some kind of centralized solution is needed before WebRTC can be used in something like call center, especially since connections between different browsers, such as Firefox and Opera, don’t always work.

WebRTC’s videoconferencing functionality makes it attractive to integrate into PBX systems, which is exactly what the Stockholm-based company has done. Ingate has developed the WebRTC & SIP PBX Companion, which integrates WebRTC technology with IP PBX and unified communications solutions.

The company’s Q-TURN technology also ensures quality and security in its E-SBCs, using the ICE standard for NAT traversal for connections between a LAN and the outside Internet. This enables a growing mobile workforce connecting from various devices, whether from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Technologies like WebRTC are one of the reasons videoconferencing has become a mainstream business technology in the past few years. Internet-based solutions are much less costly and complicated, and the quality of audio and video that they offer is more than adequate for most people.

The WebRTC conference will be held from November 18-20 at the San Jose Convention Center, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley. Ingate is one of the major sponsors, along with other major companies like Oracle, Huawei and Audiocodes.

Edited by Allison Sansone
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