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July 10, 2014

SSh! Do Not Disturb -Warns Nomorobo

By Mini Swamy SIP Trunking Report Contributor

Thanks to Aaron Foss (creator of Nomorobo) from Long Island, we may soon see an end to those rather irritating robocalls that disrupt peace and harass subscribers endlessly. Nomorobo, the free service that is said to have effectively blocked more than four and half million malicious robocalls, is set to partner VoIPO, a U.S. based VoIP provider.

Nomorobo uses a service called "simultaneous ring" that is provided by most VoIP phone companies. Whenever there is an incoming call, it is routed to a second telephone line. Nomorobo forces this second line to identify and hang up on illegal robocalls before they can ring through to the user.

"Nomorobo is dedicated to eradicating the problem of robocalls once and for all," said Foss, adding, "By partnering with VOIPO, we are able to vastly expand our network of users. “

The fact that between 2011 and 2013, over one billion dollars were lost to phone fraud, and 376 million dollars were lost to phone fraud only over the past year, is enough reason  to welcome Nomorobo with open arms.

A simple, one-time setup is all that is needed to get Nomorobo up and running on the existing phone line, and if you don’t want it, it’s just as easy to turn off. The beauty of the service is that while it blocks illegal robocalls, it doesn’t affect   legitimate robocalls, so you need never fear missing a doctor’s appointment, a prescription reminder or an important school notification.

Stated to be the first provider to directly integrate the Nomorobo service into its offerings, VOIPO is now in a position to enable customers to keep their phone lines safe and protect themselves from unwanted telemarketers, scammers and fraudsters, right from their account control panel.

"We're excited to have partnered with Nomorobo to integrate their innovative telemarketing and robocall blocking technology with our service so that our users can more easily stop unwanted calls," noted Timothy Dick, founder and CEO of VOIPO.

Dick was also quick to point out that this partnership was an example of how VoIP services could “provide superior feature sets when compared to cellular or landline services."

Signing up for the ‘Do Not Call’ registry hasn’t really been effective as a number of callers are still complaining about unwanted calls, so Nomorobo could well be the answer to their prayers.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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