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July 14, 2014

Voxilla Publishes List of Top 3 SIP Trunking Providers

By David Gutbezahl SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Evidence is pointing to SIP trunking as the future of business telephony. Plain old telephone services just cannot cut it anymore for the modern day company. While relatively reliable, these services do not provide the speeds or added features that SIP trunking can provide. Adding the possibility of massive savings to the high speeds and special features of SIP trunking tips the scale in favor of SIP Trunking as the new communications service for businesses.

While deciding to go with SIP trunking for communications may be easy, choosing the right SIP trunking provider can be a bit more difficult. Voxilla, a VOIP news provider, has helped by picking out the three top providers from among the masses.

Experts from Voxilla used a range of criteria including expert ratings, customer reviews, features, and costs in picking out their recommendations. The winners, in order of preference were Net2Phone, BroadVoice, and 8x8, Inc.

Putting them in first place, Net2Phone's service has an offer that just cannot be beat, no contract. With Net2Phone, companies pay per usage. Net2Phone combines Data and IP voice into a scalable connection that leads to amazing savings. Infrastructure costs are also barely a concern, as Net2Phone will work with an existing IP PBX with no need for hardware, and only requires a single IP circuit to replace telephone wires. Net2Phone provides a variety of different solutions and services so that they can meet the needs of all their clients.

In second place was BroadVoice. BroadVoice has different pricing plans so a company can choose what works best for them. When it comes to features, BroadVoice truly stands out. BroadVoice's Cloud PBX reportedly provides 30 different methods for handling a call. They also have features for 4-1-1, 9-1-1, caller ID, virtual international numbers, an online dashboard, and operator services.

The third place recommendation, 8x8, stands out as being the only company that hosts both web conferencing and instant messaging. They are essentially providing a VOIP with Unified Communications capabilities that will help cut down on costs. 8x8 is also convenient for companies that implement BYOD policies, allowing users to have calls routed to mobile phones, or even made through a smartphone.

Consistent throughout all three of these recommendations is the quality of customer service and quality.  Each of these providers is known for providing quality support to customers, helping them with the transition to VOIP, and ensuring that their business operations continue to run smoothly. They are also all lauded for their dedication to quality assurance and security, ensuring services rendered are secure and reliable. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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