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August 27, 2014

Xorcom CompletePBX Systems Now Available at VoIP Supply

By Madhubanti Rudra SIP Trunking Report Contributor

The North American businesses that have already done away with the cord and those who are contemplating a move to Voice over Internet communications, are all familiar with the name, VoIP Supply. It is the one stop destination for all things VoIP. From educating you on the nuances of VoIP to supplying the latest VoIP hardware and providing premium support for your VoIP equipment, VoIP Supply can help any business make the most of this cost effective communication technology.

To the delight of businessmen planning to ditch the traditional telephone system for a more sophisticated VoIP, VoIP Supply has expanded its offering and included Xorcom CompletePBX Solutions to its portfolio.

Based on Asterisk’s open source platform, Xorcom CompletePBX Solutions are fast gaining in popularity among businesses seeking a flexible communication solution that costs less. This comprehensive VoIP telephony system comes with other unique advantages. Based on an open-source platform, it allows for easy management and seamless integration with existing telephony infrastructure. Loaded with Unified Communications, call management and an array of other advanced communication features, Xorcom CompletePBX supports your entire inbound call center/ customer support needs.

The benefits of Xorcom CompletePBX do not stop there. This versatile solution is fit for wide ranging business establishments including single office/home office (SOHO), small and medium-sized business (SMB), and enterprise level applications. Being a pre-configured telephony system, it can be used right out-of-the-box. Above all the users don’t have to cough up a fat per-user license fee for this Xorcom product.

VoIP no doubt makes a cost effective alternative to traditional landline phones. But when your VoIP hardware goes wrong, it can give you some real tough time. But this is not the case when you buy your VoIP products at VoIP Supply, as the store offers technical support for almost all the products it sells at its site. So when it comes to Xorcom CompletePBX Solutions, the customers can rest assure that immediate technical assistance and trouble shooting service would be provided for all malfunctioning equipment. A “certified dealer” status entitles the store to provide Xorcom customers with installation, programming and troubleshooting support.

Michael Taylor, VoIP Engineer at VoIP Supply, received hands-on training in the Xorcom lab. He attended a three-day training program to learn installation, programming, and troubleshooting aspects of Xorcom PBX products. Taylor is now equipped with real-world application knowledge about Xorcom products. Thus, VoIP Supply now finds itself in a position to provide quality support to Xorcom customers.

In a statement, VoIP Supply said that as a certified dealer of Xorcom CompletePBX, it can help the Xorcom customers select the right Xorcom solutions based on their unique communication needs and infrastructure capacities.  The technical assistance from VoIP Supply’s trained professionals makes the installation process more streamlined. Consultations are offered on improving the security and efficiency of the phone systems.

“Xorcom CompletePBX systems are based on the Asterisk platform so they’re flexible, affordable, easy to use, great for businesses or schools of any size and customers don’t have to worry about per user license fees,” VoIP Supply Online Marketing Manager Tom Costelloe said in a statement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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