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September 12, 2014

Sinch Launches JavaScript Voice, Texting API for Mobile and Web Apps

By David Delony Contributing Writer

Sinch has announced that is has released a new software development kit that allows developers to incorporate voice and messaging into their Android, iOS and web apps.

“We’ve been impressed by the growing demand and interest in Sinch from the developer community and are excited to help fuel the next wave of innovative companies,” said Sinch CEO Andreas Bernstrom. “We think that features like chat and voice will remain two of the fastest-growing segments of web and mobile applications, and developers already realize they are critical to driving growth, user engagement, and sustained profitability. We believe we’ll see continued acceleration of demand and expect to be adding north of 500 developer partners a month by end of year.”

The SDK uses JavaScript, a language many web developers are already familiar with. In addition to the communication functions, developers can also manage calls flows, such as disconnects and putting people on hold, which the company said developers can add for free or for very low cost.

The SMS code also uses a REST API, which makes it work more like Web pages, making it easier for programmers to deal with.

Sinch has already received $12 million in funding since it was spun out of Rebtel earlier this year. The company claims it’s seen a 300 percent increase in signups since it launched in fields like travel and gaming.

Libraries are important and unsung parts of the development ecosystem, no matter what the programming language. JQuery, which is also based on JavaScript, has become an essential web development tool. They let developers add new functionality without them having to code from scrat

“Our goal with Sinch is to be simplest and most affordable solution for developers looking to add a useful social layer to their apps without compromising on quality, and today we’re excited to help our developer partners extend the value to millions of new customers across all major platforms,” Sinch COO Daniel Forsman said.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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