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September 15, 2014

Are You Ready to Make the Right Choice in the Cloud?

By Susan J. Campbell SIP Trunking Report Contributing Editor

In the corporate environment, communications can make or break collaboration through available solutions and the quality of the connection. Even a lack of support can put a company in a position to lose business or at least slow time to market simply because key people can’t connect the way they need to, when they need to.

To streamline communications, a number of companies opted for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). First releases did less than impress, even if they did reduce the impact on the bottom line. Over the years, these connections improved, quality of performance became a competitive advantage and the virtual connection became a viable option in the marketplace. Now, buyers are looking to shift their source to the cloud.

When working with a cloud-based provider, there are a number of things that should be the priority, including analytics and security. Users need to have access to analytics in real-time and they need to know that their connections aren’t opening the network gate to those who would deem it suitable to break in and steal information, VoIP minutes or worse.

To make the right choice, decision makers have to do their homework and conduct due diligence in the vetting process. They have to ask the right questions so as to weed out those cloud providers who entered the market simply to make money, and not to solve business problems. Yes, every company exists to make money, but if that is the only goal established, the customer won’t be the priority and business problems will go unsolved.

One of the best ways to separate the robust offerings from the others is the sales approach. The vendor who offers you nothing more than a package deal isn’t interested in your current environment, your needs or the best solution to solve your immediate problems. His or her focus is simply on the bottom line – making the sale. The solution you put in place as a result may be fine at first, but once you start to grow, need added features or find that quality isn’t what you expected, will the vendor be there to solve these problems?

Instead, look for that provider who is interested in your real challenges. He or she wants to understand what’s going on every day so as to recommend the right solution to meet your needs today and into the future. This not only ensures you have a robust platform to support your initiatives today, but that this provider is interested in solving your challenges in the future as well.

One company trying to do just that is Masergy, offering a range of solutions that meet the real needs of today’s businesses. To learn more, the company’s Dean Manzoori was recently on hand at the ITEXPO to talk about Masergy’s role in the market and approach to solving problems. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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