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March 26, 2015

Xorcom Ships CompleteSBC for CompletePBX

By David Delony Contributing Writer

Xorcom, a maker of IP-PBX solutions, has announced that it is shipping CompleteSBC, a module that adds Session Border Controller (SBC) functionality to its CompletePBX IP-PBX series.

“As hackers become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts at toll fraud and registration attacks on Internet-based telephony, we decided to provide a tool that effectively seals off the IP-PBX”, Eran Gal, CEO and Co-founder of Xorcom, said. “The proactive approach of the CompleteSBC, with its built-in rules and stringent access privileges, provides security and peace of mind to the telco carrier and enterprise alike.”

As more businesses are shifting from conventional telephony to VoIP, these new phone systems have become major targets for hackers who break into these systems and run up enormous phone bills. It’s the businesses who get stuck paying these bills, which can run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Speaking earlier this year to TMCnet, Gal said that an unprotected PBX could be compromised in less than 30 minutes of being connected to the Internet.

An SBC like the one from Xorcom acts as a firewall for a VoIP system, controlling who is authorized to make calls to the outside world.

CompleteSBC focuses on protecting business VoIP systems while remaining easy to use.

Access control and fraud prevention are the big selling point for SBC systems like CompletePBX. Customers who really want to secure can whitelist devices, making these the only ones allowed to make calls.

The system has other features, such as NAT traversal, smart routing and interoperability mediation. It also has a B2BUA server, supporting all of the major protocols, including SIP, UDP, TCP and TLS, functioning as a VoIP gateway. All of these features can be configured from a GUI interface.

CompleteSBC is already available through Xorcom’s distribution partners. A demo version ships with the CompletePBX system from version 4.6 onward.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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