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April 16, 2015

Birch Communications Announces Record First Quarter Organic Sales

By David Delony Contributing Writer

Birch Communications, a provider of communication, network and cloud services, has announced that it has achieved record organic sales in the first quarter of 2015.

"This quarter produced Birch's best organic sales results to date and we couldn't be happier," said Christopher Ramsey, senior vice president and Chief Sales Officer at Birch.  "Every one of our six sales channels greatly out-performed sales from the same quarter last year.  We are very excited about our significantly expanded sales organization and the success they are achieving.

The company said that it had experienced an overall sales increase of 113 percent over the first quarter of 2014. Birch offers a wide variety of telecommunications services to small and medium businesses, ranging from analog phone service all the way to hosted IT services.

Vincent M. Otto, the president and CEO of Birch, credited the company’s success to its product portfolio and its product improvements.

“As we continue to grow our company, we will maintain our policy of reinvesting in further network and product enhancements like the recently announced expansion of our Metro-Fiber offering,” he said. “In addition to these two success factors, I would be remiss if I did not stress that the foundation of all of our success is our fanatically great customer care."

The company rolled out its Metro-Fiber services to a number of key markets, including the Los Angeles, Houston and Washington, D.C metro areas.  The company said that its sales of Metro-Fiber services had doubled since its announcement in February and March. Based on the success, Birch plans to roll out Metro-Fiber in other areas.

Given the success it has had this quarter, Birch is understandably optimistic about the future.

“Birch offers feature-packed communications and data products and we provide services that positively impact our customers' bottom line," said Christopher Ramsey Birch’s senior vice president and chief sales officer at Birch.   "Add to that our continually expanding service area and you will continue to see organic sales growth.  Supporting our customers with great quality service that is both value-driven and reliable is a cornerstone of our business."

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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