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April 27, 2015

Gartner Says OnSIP is Cool

By Casey Houser Contributing Writer

While some product vendors may strive for excellence in their products or customer service, others can strive just to be cool. Gartner gives them that chance for cool validation with its annual Cool Vendors list. This year, OnSIP has made it to the big time.

Gartner included OnSIP as one of the “Cool Vendors in Unified Communications, 2015” for its WebRTC-based InstaPhone application that gives sales teams the power to complete video sessions with customers directly through company Salesforce dashboards. Considering the popularity of Salesforce customer relationship management, OnSIP's product can be essential to connections between company representatives and their customers.

Robert Wolpov, the cofounder and president of OnSIP, commented in the award announcement about how OnSIP is bringing communications capabilities to the Web.

“OnSIP is thrilled to be named a Cool Vendor in Unified Communications by Gartner,” Wolpov said. “Our commitment to advancing the latest Web technologies rockets OnSIP beyond commodity PBX replacement services. OnSIP's InstaPhone and InstaCall solutions are helping businesses move their everyday real-time communications to the Web, where voice calls, video sessions, messaging, and context can truly be unified into one seamless customer interaction.”

OnSIP took home the award primarily for its development of video conferencing through Salesforce, but its InstaPhone software does more than just handle audio and video. It integrates further with Salesforce by allowing sales teams to look up customer records. And it is able to log calls between company and customer while also showing business agents information on their dashboards about their current customer interactions.

Gartner commented in its report that it chose businesses for the Cool Vendors in Unified Communications list because of their innovation with products that bring employees and customers together. A big part of that development industry-wide is the proliferation of WebRTC. That subset of the communications field is growing at a rapid pace in the workplace, and many businesses are taking their developments to the biggest industry conferences. It is cool to be among the cool, but the real payoff is in demand for the services of those selected for this Gartner award.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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