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April 28, 2015

Team on the Run Announces Push-to-Talk, Mobile VoIP

By David Delony Contributing Writer

Team on the Run, a business mobile communication provider run by StreamWIDE, has announced that it has added VoIP and push-to-talk capabilities to its mobile app.

The company is aiming its product at companies with internationally dispersed workers. The app is intended to save money on long distance calls and international roaming by using Wi-Fi networks instead of mobile carriers to handle communications.

“Team on the Run is committed to being the mobile communication solution for business - an all in one corporate communication toolbox,” a company statement said. “Securely providing everything needed to work on the go, turns a single device into your personal phone, business phone, international phone, mobile corporate phonebook, secure message and file transfer device and even a walkie-talkie.”

One of Team on the Run’s use cases is in large hotels. The “push-to-talk” feature allows employees to replace bulky, noisy walkie-talkies with smaller smartphones. This allows maintenance workers to cause less disturbances to guests during the busy summer season.

The company offers Android and iOS apps, as well as a Web-based version that works on regular PCs. In addition to communication, it also features cloud storage and document sharing.

Team on the Run also promises greater security, encouraging employees to send messages over its encrypted text messaging service rather than using SMS or other instant messaging service. The company’s web chat is also another recent addition to its service.

While many smartphone users are using their devices more for work, the apps that they’re using might not be necessarily designed for business use or secure. Team on the Run offers what it says is a more secure and organized solution.

The company offers its solution for $3 per user per month. It’s also free for up to five users. Companies can also negotiate for a customized solution if they have more demanding needs.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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