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June 09, 2015

Patton Electronics Release New SmartNode SBC and VoIP Gateway

By Casey Houser Contributing Writer

IP telephony hardware provider Patton Electronics recently announced the availability of its new SmartNode 5570 ESBR T1/E1/PRI enterprise session border controller and SmartNode 4170 T1/E1/PRI VoIP gateway.

The company is making it known that their newest products are both smaller and cheaper than counterparts in the industry. In addition, the availability announcement also pushes the idea that the new products are better because they pack more performance into those small packages. As mentioned in their titles, both SmartNode products listed above have the capability of handling T1 and E1 telephony connections and also support the Primary Rate Interface telecommunications interface standard. They also offer a number of enterprise-class features such as TLS-encrypted signaling, SRTP-encrypted voice, and G.722 high-density voice.

The target market for these products is the business that has yet to make the switch from legacy phone systems such as POTS or ISDN to more advanced, IP-based phone systems such as VoIP or unified communications setups.

The SmartNode session border controller and VoIP gateway can transform any POTS or ISDN infrastructure into a system that support SIP trunking while also preserving, as an option, the public switched telephone network as a fallback. There are also options for businesses to migrate completely to IP networks where they can leave the legacy networks behind.

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In addition, these devices help businesses replace their time-division multiplexing setups, which control their digital telephone networks, with a private branch exchange that can help them save costs and upgrade to more modern hardware.

There is also an element of security that Patton brings to the table. It is able to fully separate a business's service provider's WAN from that business's LAN with an SIP demarcation point. There will be a clear line between the public and private networks so businesses can protect their investments and data stored at home base. And IT can configure the LAN with the Patton WEB Wizard that gives control of all services its session border controller and VoIP gateways provide.

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