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July 14, 2015

Nectar Brings Bongiovi on Board to Improve UC Audio Quality

By Casey Houser Contributing Writer

Unified communications (UC) software provider Nectar Services and digital audio processing software developer Bongiovi Acoustics have announced their intention to collaborate with the goal of improving audio quality monitoring delivered through Nectar's flagship platform.

With the power of Bongiovi's audio processing, the Nectar Unified Communications Management Platform should offer business associates a call quality which they have never before realized. The Nectar platform offers businesses a single source for their use, management, and reporting of UC and will now be able to pair that functionality with a high audio quality present across multiple channels and devices. David Giangano, the CEO of Nectar, spoke about how enterprises can get the Bongiovi add-on and how the new software pair will operate.

“We believe expanding and enhancing our UCMP offering portfolio with Bongiovi Acoustics digital audio enhancement capability will be a game-changer to the industry,” Giangano said. “The downloadable application will enhance the UC audio stream's fidelity and clarity that's often degraded by the network performance, or by high compression CODEC utilization during the digitalization and re-animation of a call's audio stream or balance audio volumes in multi-party conferences.”

His statement points to the idea that access to Bongiovi software will only be a click away. It should then be easy for enterprises to get their hands on higher quality audio—especially if they are already Nectar customers.

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Nectar has had its hands in a number of other business models this year. Most recently, the company partnered with Strategic Products and Services (SPS) to provide networking monitoring and management services for Skype for Business environments. This can give any SPS customers the ability to discover any gaps in their network performance and take measures to enhance their overall communications operations.

It is that sort of proactive network diagnosis that Nectar customers have come to expect. They want to be able to get control of their UC and make sure everything is functioning as it should. The addition of Bongiovi here will only seek to improve the end result and experiences employees have within their own organizations.

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