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July 16, 2015

Jive is on a Roll and Taking FonAngle Along

By Dominick Sorrentino Editor

Jive Communications, provider of enterprise communication solutions, has been gaining momentum of late. A few months ago the company began its foray into the enterprise messaging app space by unveiling Jive Chime, compatible with iOS and Mac OS, Android and Windows. Last month, the company continued snowballing, and lifted Speek, an audio and Web conferencing vendor, this time as part of a growth strategy to gain clout in the cloud and IP communications spaces.

The rolling ball just keeps on rolling, as in yet another recent development the company has announced its acquisition of Vancouver-based hosted VoIP provider, FonAngle. Jive sees this as a golden opportunity to bring home some extra (Canadian) bacon by expanding into a new market.

“The FonAngle team is world class, and is passionate about the same thing we are—creating reliable, scalable, and feature-rich business communications systems,” said John Pope, CEO at Jive. “They have offered exceptional quality and support for their customers,

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and we intend to carry on that tradition. The acquisition of FonAngle accelerates Jive’s expansion into the Canadian market, a region we have always been interested in."

So what does FonAngle get out of the deal?

Chiefly, the company’s existing customers and employees will be treated to an extended portfolio of features thanks to Jive’s enterprise cloud voice solution. These include easy-to-use and understand Web administration, call analytics and mobility, among others. The transition from FonAngle to Jive’s cloud platform  is expected to take place over the next few weeks with the help of a team of engineers—who are tasked with making sure the shift does not negatively affect day-to-day operations, so productivity can keep on keeping on.

“Jive is creating innovative solutions that are both affordable and reliable,” said Ryan Klatt, President of FonAngle. “This move is a win for our customers, allowing us to take advantage of additional services from an experienced leader in the space.”

The Jive train continues full steam ahead, with FonAngle happily on board. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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