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July 17, 2015

VoipNow Mobile 2.0 Includes Security Feedback and HD Audio

By Michael Guta SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

The fast-paced and highly competitive modern business environment demands that companies always stay ahead of the curve to keep the competition at bay. And nowhere is this truer than today’s dynamic business communications. The introduction of smart mobile devices into the sector has forever changed how individuals and businesses communicate. A smartphone can now deliver video conferences, text, voice and IP telephony. The launch of VoipNow Mobile 2.0 by 4PSA promises to improve on these features by increasing employee mobility while still providing a robust secure platform. 

For more than 10 years 4PSA has been delivering automation, enterprise PBX, voice, video, instant messaging, and mobility solutions for service providers so they can offer cloud services to SMBs and large organizations. The new VoipNow improves on its previous enterprise PBX VoipNow mobile client by adding support for encrypted video calls, high-definition audio and security feedback.

“While many people have become aware about the value of encryption when using HTTP based services, not the same can be said about phone calls. This is dangerous because many phone calls made using the Internet are vulnerable to eavesdropping. VoipNow Mobile provides visual real-time information about the security of each call and companies can restrict the completion of calls that are not properly encrypted and cryptographically authenticated,” said Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA's COO.

Users will experience good audio even over 3G and poor wireless networks. Tests carried out on the platform continued to deliver quality voice even on networks that were seeing up to 30 percent packet loss.

Key features of VoipNow include:

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  • Multiple layers of control and one interface that ensures each level has access to the proper configuration being able to share a set of resources based on permissions and limits.
  • Fast to implement, deploy, set up and go-to-market, with a pay-as-you-grow licensing model.
  • Simple migration path with a service team that helps clients identify their business needs, migrate data from another solution and get support anywhere.
  • Open API – value-added services can be added by using UnifiedAPI to integrate VoipNow with any app and increase the value of the services customers receive.
  • Turn personal devices into business phones with the VoipNow BYOD support.

The new app is available for end-users for free from the Apple Store. Service providers can offer it to their customers by joining the Service Provider program, and carriers can opt for a white label solution. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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