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August 06, 2015

Empirix IntelliSight Gives Peerless Network New MaaS Options

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

When Peerless Network wanted to bring Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) options to its customer base, it looked to Empirix to get the job done. Recently, Empirix announced that Peerless now has access to its IntelliSight solution, giving Peerless the ability to offer MaaS options—but that's not the end of Peerless' connection to Empirix, according to reports.

Peerless hasn't just recently started working with Empirix; reports note that Peerless is currently using IntelliSight as a means to manage its own network operations, including a passive probe system as well as a high-end recording and analytics tool. With such systems in place, Peerless can gather customer data, and turn that data into actionable information by searching for patterns contained therein. That's terrific for Peerless, but it gets better in that, now, it can offer up these same capabilities through the Peerless MaaS system.

That in turn comes with several benefits; customers using Peerless MaaS will have access to real-time analysis tools of voice quality, making sure it's at a level that's acceptable to the user. There are also  failure analysis systems that go down to the individual customer call level, even pinning down the root cause of why a call failed. There are several other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitored here as well, ranging from jitter and packet loss to things like Post Dial Delay (PDD) and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measures. There's an opportunity to get more specific details about service use and even performance reporting as well.

Peerless' executive vice president of sales and marketing, Rick Knight, offered up some comment on the new connection between Peerless and Empirix, saying “This new offering will enable our customers to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), accurately plan future network requirements and control CAPEX investments. We believe that by extending our monitoring platform out to our customer’s networks, will enable our customers to triage problems quicker and provide additional value through reporting. This solution will give the customer visibility to all vendors in their network.”

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With the kind of tools that Empirix can bring to the table, it's fairly easy to see why Peerless was so interested. Empirix's toolset was already giving Peerless its share of help internally, reports suggest, so with a clear recommendation under its belt, it's not a surprise to see that Peerless would have an interest in offering up the tools to outside users. After all, what gave Peerless a positive experience would likely do likewise for Peerless' own customers, and if Peerless can be seen giving a positive experience to its customers, said customers are more likely to stick around. That means more resilient income streams, and all from bringing in one extra toolset that Peerless likely already knows is a quality proposition.

The combination of Empirix and Peerless seems to have already borne fruit in one sense, so an expansion may well do likewise. If Peerless' own customers find Empirix's material as useful as Peerless has so far, then this should be a positive move all the way around.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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