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August 12, 2015

For Keeping Customers and Bolstering Phone Numbers, MVNOs Turn to DIDX

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) out there are having a tough time of things these days on some levels. There's a lot of competition out there and only so many numbers to go around. But ready to help drive these efforts is the equivalent of a pick dealer in a gold rush, DIDX, which recently announced expansion of the wholesale direct inward dialing (DID) market.

With this expansion, MVNOs will reportedly be able to offer better access to phone numbers outside of the currently-available footprint of DIDs on hand for mobile device users. With these extra numbers on hand, this allows MVNOs to step up sales efforts and retain the customers that are currently available, a particularly useful point considering where mobile devices are poised to go.

A recent report from eMarketer suggests that, by 2016, there will be over two billion people currently carrying smartphones, and that number will climb to over a third of the planet's population by just 2018. With all those smartphones coming online, there will be a clear demand for more numbers to allow said devices to be readily contacted. This was a point backed up by GSMA Intelligence, who revealed that over half of the world's population was already using some kind of mobile phone just by the third quarter of 2014, and that number likely hasn't gotten smaller since. But with that many devices in the field, and many more potential uses afoot for DID numbers, the demand for such numbers should be huge in the months to come.

Even for businesses that don't see so much demand, there's still value to be had. DIDX can also reportedly offer a means to list numbers currently held but not used on the exchange, allowing firms to get value out of current numbers by helping others address shortages.

DIDX's chief operations officer Muneeb Iqbal commented on the new offerings: “The DIDX focus is to successfully enable every telecom operator, cloud communications service provider and MVNO who is currently operating in their countries with the benefits of DIDXchange. Over 25,000 operators, service providers and MVNOs are already associated with DIDX, giving them the opportunity to make available DID phone numbers from the DIDX inventory of 65 nations to their own mobile service clients.”

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Basically, the sheer quantity of mobile devices coming into the field means that numbers for these mobiles will be highly-prized the farther along we go. With huge numbers already in play, and many more set to follow, competition will be brisk, and those who can't keep up will lose business. But by having ready access to a high volume of numbers, the chances of having to turn business away will fall, and there will likewise be an opportunity to maybe seize on some other overflow business.

Mobile devices are huge right now and likely will be for some time to come. But with this substantial opportunity comes a major challenge: keeping numbers on hand to address all that business. DIDX, meanwhile, makes an excellent case for its continued operations by acknowledging this and offering a way around it. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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