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August 13, 2015

pascom Completes Interoperability Testing with SIP Trunk Plus

By Casey Houser Contributing Writer

IP-based private branch exchange phone system developer pascom recently announced that it has completed interoperability testing with SIP Trunk Plus, a session initiation protocol (SIP) provider based in the U.K.

pascom develops its phone system called mobydick, and it is that platform which the company has tested with SIP Trunk Plus. The completion of this period means that mobydick users will now have access to all SIP Trunk Plus functions which include fraud mitigation and call recording across desktop and mobile phones. Jonathan Rodwell, the CEO of SIP Trunk Plus, commented on those functions in the official partnership announcement.

“We are delighted to announce the successful completion of interoperability testing with pascom’s mobydick,” Rodwell said. “SIP Trunk Plus will offer mobydick users an outstanding SIP service both in terms of call quality and the range of value-add services available over the platform to complement their mobydick deployment, and offer protection through our leading Fraud Mitigation software.”

Mathias Pasquay, the CEO of pascom, backed up that statement by assuring customers that SIP Trunk Plus offers a high-quality service that will work well with existing mobydick features. Current pascom customers will apparently receive all of the benefits of a partnership without losing any of the essential features they have come to know in their current shared platform.

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Even with the conclusion of interoperability testing, this is not the end of the partnership. Future versions of mobydick will benefit from continued work between the two companies as they assure that their products continue to share data seamlessly. The announcement insisted that compatibility between mobydick and all SIP Trunk Plus services are guaranteed in all present and future version of the software and SIP service.

Any businesses that have used mobydick and have also sought third-party products for call recording or fraud mitigation will have the chance to reconsider their options. It is often the case where disassociated products do not work well 100 percent of the time. The guarantee here, however, should assure users that they can move to SIP Trunk Plus for those functions and expect a better return of quality. Any new customers should also find this pairing appealing because they will not have to look for third-party software in the first place therefore saving themselves both time and hassle.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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