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September 11, 2015

PressONE Establishes a Point of Presence (PoP) at 111 Town Square Place

By Frank Griffin SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Businesses across all sectors are now dependent on different IT infrastructures to run their organization. One of the most important of these is the data center, as it is the intermediary between service providers and consumers. Without a top-rate data center, many of the companies we rely on in our connected world would be in trouble. PressONE is a provider of business voice and data solutions, and as the company was looking for a new data center, it selected 111 Town Square Place (111TSP), a premier carrier hotel and intelligent cloud ecosystem data center facility, that allows enterprise businesses to access multiple cloud solution providers.

The 111TSP facility is a world-class data center with carrier-neutral global connectivity and Newport Cloud Ecosystem of Fortune 50 and financial companies. The center offers redundant dual 12 MW underground power feeders, low latency connectivity to financial exchanges, three diverse fiber POEs, three N+1 UPS plants and 6 x 2,000 KW roof-mounted backup generators.

PressONE established a Point of Presence (PoP) in one of the region’s best location for mission-critical IT infrastructures. This will give the company communications infrastructure with fiber optic cabling, access to ducts for enhanced connectivity, and a gateway to a number of redundant networks serving the New York City metro area.

PressONE will now have a modern infrastructure with colocation, Internet and transport services, and on-net delivery of its services.

Established in 1980, PressONE has been providing the latest communications solutions to its customers for businesses large and small. The services include, hosted communications such as VoIP, call center and other managed network service, hosted PBX, Unified Communications (UC), backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, and SIP Trunking.

PressONE offers two different SIP Trunk enhancement services. Depending on whether an organization is replacing its existing POTs line or PRIs, they can deploy the Enhanced Business Anywhere and Enhanced Business Trunking.

The benefit of these deployments are: 

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  • Saving money on long distance service.
  • Eliminate IP-PSTN gateways or even the entire PBX.
  • Eliminate a redundant network – With SIP trunks, businesses can have a single IP-based network rather than redundant telephone and data networks.
  • Eliminate BRI and PRI subscription fees – No need to purchase lines in blocks of 24 or 32. With SIP trunks you can purchase only the bandwidth you need, in smaller increments, and at better prices.
  • Functionality and flexibility – By eliminating legacy PRIs, SIP trunks can take just a few hours to provide strong connectivity, even in areas where more traditional services aren’t available.

"Joining the 111TSP ecosystem is an exciting development for our organization," states Allan Schwartz, Executive Vice President of PressONE. "It allows PressONE to expand into Jersey City as a local provider, enabling us to continue our 30-year tradition of providing the highest level of telecommunications services to our valued clientele."

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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