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September 16, 2015

Voxox Retools the Voxox Office Brand to Better Accommodate Channel Partners

By Steve Anderson Contributing SIP Trunking Report Writer

Channel partners are an important part of an organization. Such partners allow better access to markets and the increased likelihood of sales. But when channel partners have issues with a particular line of technology, it's generally worthwhile to consider that input when making changes to the products. That's just what Voxox did, announcing at the Cloud Partners Conference and Expo that it had made significant changes to the Voxox Office line of products, many of which were made with the particular needs of the channel community in mind.

The Voxox Office line of products comprises several tools, ranging from hosted private branch exchange (PBX)  systems to session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking systems. Now, Voxox is turning not only to its own technology, but also to a slate of third-party systems, to bring in a host of new features to the Voxox Office line.

Not only is there a new user interface to allow channel partners to send proposals as well as manage offers, but there's also a new breed of call center functionality that allows for things like call queuing and monitoring tools. Channel partners can now use a customer relationship management (CRM) system with Voxox Office, and there's also an operator console that allows for the switching of live calls as need be. New reporting options offer a look at systems in greater depth than before, and a set of unified cloud extensions open up mobile VoIP access.

Voxox has a lot more going for it than just a software system, though; it also has competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) operations and a service delivery platform built on a proprietary concept. This means that licensing fees are often out of the picture, and that in turn brings big savings over many competitors in the field. Plus, with Voxox's back-end systems, building powerful but scalable applications quickly becomes a comparatively easy operation.

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Just to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, Voxox is even going so far as to offer a new promotion: for the rest of this year, channel partners can double a commission rate to 40-50 percent commissions on the first year of a 12-month or longer contract, when an SIP trunking system or hosted PBX system is involved.

Voxox is demonstrating a clear commitment to its channel partners, a move that's not only ethically correct but also a necessary survival trait. When the channel partners feel appreciated, are given new tools to solve problems, are given improved opportunities to succeed, said partners will generally rise to the challenge and offer up new success in the field. This is especially good for Voxox, who has no shortage of competitors in the SIP trunking and hosted PBX markets, so getting the channel partners as engaged as possible should be a long term net benefit for the company.

Knowing what we know so far, this should prove to be a positive development for the company. There are things that can go wrong, of course—some of which aren't even in Voxox's control—but the company's clearly doing the right things and should reap benefit accordingly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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