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September 23, 2015

Samsung and Sectra Come Together to Provide More Secure Smartphones for European Governments

By Michael Guta SIP Trunking Report Contributing Writer

Digital security is one of the biggest issues facing organizations today. And as mobile devices become an integral part of how companies do business, securing them has also become just as important. This is especially significant for governmental organizations with classified networks and data, as they are high-value targets. A new technical partnership between Samsung Electronics and Sectra, a European provider of secure mobile solutions, will integrate their technologies for secure smartphone communication for European governments.

The partnership will bring together the Samsung KNOX platform with Sectra’s technology for next-generation secure smartphones. This has already resulted in the delivery of phones that are being rolled out to European defense organizations.

The KNOX system was previously approved by the U.S. government, making it the first consumer mobile device manufacturer validated to handle a full range of classified information.

Sectra Tiger/R is the security protocol which will be part of a system with Samsung phones and KNOX. The role for Samsung is to lower the vulnerability of malicious applications and tampering, thus ensuring the integrity of the device, and Sectra will be responsible for hardware encryption.

“This strategic cooperation with Samsung allows us to focus on meeting our users’ needs in terms of communications security, availability, and mobility in an environment where new threats against smartphones appear on an increasing basis,” said Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications.

The Sectra Tiger is a flexible system for personalized security developed in close cooperation with Swedish and Dutch security authorities. One of its primary goals was to have an interoperable platform for mobile and fixed telephony that makes it possible for users to make secure calls, send text messages and transfer data across many levels of classified information on different security domains and communication technologies.

It is compliant with SCIP (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol), which is the go-to standard within encrypted communications. With the Tiger system, users can make secure calls from vendors that are compliant with SCIP.

“Through close cooperation between the development teams behind Samsung KNOX and Sectra Tiger/R, we are making the technology available to users who were not previously able to benefit from it,” said Bjorn Hansen, Sales Director Telecom at Samsung Electronics.

Criminal and intelligence organizations of foreign states are just some of the threats we face in today’s digital environment. For public and private entities with valuable information, safeguarding their sensitive data requires experts in the field that are able to protect this content 24/7. Using the Samsung KNOX platform, which is approved by U.S. governmental agencies and the Sectra system, also approved at national levels and by the EU and NATO is one way of securing your communications. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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