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September 24, 2015

Connector Systems Expands Reseller Portfolio with Cloud Voice Offering

By Clayton Hamshar Contributing Writer

Riding on the success of its other as-a-service offerings, Connector Systems has introduced a new cloud voice offering for its reseller network.

Connector Systems’ resellers will be able to take advantage of the new solution to expand their own offerings and grow revenue with the attraction of additional functionality provided by cloud voice services. Horizontally expanding product portfolios is an ideal way to maximize revenue from current customers before shifting the focus onto gaining new ones. Furthermore, the company will as usual provide support to resellers through the entire process to ensure it is deployed as effectively as possible.

The new offering is based on 3CX software which is integrated into Connector Systems’ cloud platform, and will join the company’s Ruckus wireless-as-a-service and Seagate backup- and storage-as-a-service cloud offerings. Ruckus is especially gaining traction in the industry, especially with its virtual Smartcell Gateway incorporated into the company’s cloud line-up so that multiple access points can be run through the platform.

As the company strengthens its position in the fast-growing as-a-service and cloud offering space, resellers will benefit from a more diverse portfolio to offer their customers who in turn will have access to solutions vital to an efficiently operating business.

“The quickest way for a reseller to grow their revenue is to try and do more with their current customer base,” commented Mark Dasent, General Manager at Connector Systems ANZ. “So if you’ve got the skillset and desire, why would you not.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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