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October 02, 2015

One Source Networks Brings SIP Trunking Systems to ShoreTel

By Steve Anderson Contributing Writer

One Source Networks announced that its session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking services completed compliance testing with ShoreTel's line of collaboration solutions, allowing for a complete solution for those in the market for more collaboration.

Compliance testing is probably one of the most important things a communications company can do. It helps assure customers that new products are likely to work with old, and helps ensure that potentially costly changes to infrastructure don't need to take place.

With One Source Networks' completed compliance testing, it's now clear to work with ShoreTel's Release 14.2 version, bringing it nicely up to date. With One Source Networks' solution in place, businesses can better take advantage of unified communication and collaboration (UCC) services over a single connection, making it that much easier to manage and work with. The completed compliance testing also puts One Source Networks into the ShoreTel Innovation Network, a program that offers help and partnerships to move companies along in development processes and make these programs more readily useful in the ShoreTel lineup.

This is excellent news for those in the market for collaboration tools, as One Source Networks is a well-known provider of UCC and managed network services, while ShoreTel is already a major player in phone systems and UC solutions. The combined effort should provide a complete package, offering not only the collaboration tools but also the phone systems and the like.

Dan Tyler, who serves as One Source Networks' chief technology officer, offered up some comment around the new measure, saying, “Our customer base is highly diverse in their requirements and global. Achieving this certification will ensure that these customers will be able to better communicate and collaborate across their organization, worldwide, through simple integration of their ShoreTel infrastructure into their existing network environment.”

It's hard to sell a product—even a very good product—that comes with the selling point “...but you have to upgrade every system you currently have before you can even use it.” Really, unless such a product produces such impressive returns that the costs associated with such an upgrade would be covered, the new product would make virtually no business sense. It would be a cure worse than the disease; a product may save a company a million dollars a year, but if it costs $100 million in upgrades to use it, the payoff takes longer than anyone at the company will be alive.

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Luckily, interoperability testing ensures that the product will play nicely with the systems already in place, making adoption costs minimal and the benefits of the product more rapidly received. That's a combination that makes businesses a lot happier, and one that makes for much better sales in the long term.

One Source Networks' new interoperability testing should prove to be a welcome addition to the lineup for those in the market for collaboration tools. While there's no shortage of competitors on this front, that interoperability testing might be just what some need to make the difference between buying in and walking away. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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