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October 09, 2015

VoIPshield Systems Teams with Intel for VoIP Security Solution

By Frank Griffin Contributing Writer

VoIPshield Systems is teaming up with Intel Security to develop a solution for VoIP security, tackling the risks some users are beginning to associate with VoIP services.

A recent study by Nettitude revealed 67 percent of all cyber-attacks in the UK take place in VoIP systems. Having identified Internet telephony as a credible attack vector for hackers, VoIPshield has made two of its solutions compatible with the Intel Security platform. With VoIPaudit and VoIPguard, the company has claimed it has developed the world’s most comprehensive solution for VoIP security. And together they provide a security solution that brings systems into compliance with established security standards and frameworks.

VoIPaudit allows system admins to identify vulnerabilities resulting from ongoing system release in a single console. They automate this proves, allowing users to get rid of error-laden manual checks and perform assessments of VoIP infrastructures without specialized training. This is made possible by directly integrating into McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). This app is the specific vulnerability assessment compliance application for IP-PBX implementations in the Intel Security Portfolio.

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"By teaming with Intel Security, we are protecting more organizations by equipping them with the latest VoIP threat signatures. Not securing phone communications is akin to leaving the back door to the house wide open. Our solutions protect companies from this incognito threat," said Rob Gowans, CEO of VoIPshield Systems.

The motivating factor for going after VoIP telephony is financial, and the Nettitude study showed that making calls without the users permission can result in charges of almost $14,000 for a 10-hour premium phone call. And since most of these hacks, 80 percent, take place after offices have closed, in many instances servers are not monitored.

Having the largest database of VoIP threat signatures in the world gives VoIPguard the ability to identify security risks, and in tandem with the McAfee Network Security Platform it provides firewall and virus protection for communications networks that have deployed VoIP solutions. Knowing these signatures is key, because the attacks are specific to VoIP and cannot be detected or stopped with traditional security measures. 

Consumers and businesses must understand that any connected device can potentially be hacked. And although most of us might not see the potential damage these breaches can cause, it is best to have a security system in place that at the very least will make it much harder to break in. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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