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August 25, 2010

ShoreTel's Jerome Joanny Talks Sip Trunking Turkey

By Erin Monda SIP Trunking Report Contributor

ShoreTel is a provider of Unified Communications (UC) solutions based around its award-winning IP business phone system. Its Sip Trunking solutions get plug-and-play simplicity via integrated voice, video, data and mobile communications.

That’s why it was greatly informative when TMC interviewed Jerome Joanny, international product manager at ShoreTel, on the topic of Sip Trunking.

TMC Representative: What factors are boosting the adoption of Sip Trunking?

Joanny: There are certain major benefits of driving adoption of Sip Trunking:

First & foremost in these particularly challenging times, Cost Effectiveness – ITSPs are newcomers in a market already well served by Tier 1 providers – the main strategy to attract and keep new customers is very aggressive pricing and creative bundling of their offering.

Second and very compelling for larger enterprises seeking to consolidate their trunking infrastructure and leverage an internal MPLS network : Virtual Numbering, or in other words, the ability for a company to centralize all its DID in a single physical location yet offering the appearance of local connectivity to the client base.

TMC Representative:
How much has Sip Trunking penetrated the SMB market so far -- and how far do you think it will go?

Joanny:  It’s still marginal compare to the overall trunking market – main reason is Tier 1 providers are leveraging to the maximum their local loops & infrastructure investment which has seen an ROI decades ago.

Trend is obviously going up however we are still very much in the early adopter phase – ShoreTel anticipates that 2012 is going to be the year where Sip Trunking is going to become the mainstream trunking for Tier 1 carriers around the globe.

TMC Representative:
 What is the relationship between UC adoption and Sip Trunking?

Joanny:  Sip Trunking, like IP telephony in the enterprise is a step toward UC - a necessary enabler which will allow advanced UC services to be delivered across the network.

TMC Representative:
 How do vendors and service providers overcome the lack of consistency of definition around UC?

Joanny:  By designing Interoperability programs or Industry forums in which “standards” are agreed upon – ShoreTel technology program and the SIP Forum which ShoreTel is a full member of, are perfect examples of such initiative

TMC Representative:
 How important is the latest generation of smartphones to the growth of UC?

Joanny:  Smartphones are only a part of the picture – they are obviously key enablers for UC “on the go” and very strong contributors to the commoditization of UC but once again just a part of the picture. Very high speed broadband, new generations of desk phones, multimedia-enabled laptops and netbooks as well as Apple iPad-like devices will actually drive more adoption of the UC into the enterprise 

TMC Representative:
 What about video?  How often is video deployed in a UC environment?

Joanny:  Video is coming to age in the enterprise but interoperability issues & incompatible technologies between vendors or simply offerings are barrier to adoption. This last statement is particularly true for the SMB. Common video switching technologies and compatible equipment (like what we see with SIP extensions today) will be key to the widespread adoption of video.

TMC Representative:
 Do users understand the security concerns around UC?

Joanny:  Many SMBs are less aware than larger enterprises due to internal expertise or external legal requirement. We are facing a key problem with UC & security : education – we are where data networking was in the early-mid 90s with the firewall. 

TMC Representative:
 Why have you chosen to participate in the Sip Trunking-UC Summit?

Joanny:  To help resolving the misconception & educational problem surrounding Sip Trunking and security.

TMC Representative:
 What will attendees get out of your session?

Joanny:  Attendees will understand the benefits & challenges of Sip Trunking as well as the means to overcome these challenges and deploy Sip Trunking successfully with a ShoreTel system.

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Erin Monda is a TMCnet Contributing Editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Erin Monda
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